Reasons to Unplug & Tune Back In

unplug and tune in


With the advent of email, instant messaging, cell phones, blackberries and the like, we’ve become so very accustomed to being available to anyone and everyone at all times.  This can be a wonderful thing in so many ways, however when it’s time for you to spend quality time with your children and family, or time for you to relax by yourself, then being hooked up and electronically plugged in may become a hindrance to other aspirations you may hold.

Be sure to take the time to unwind with the kids, and disconnect so that your children really do have your undivided attention.  I have discovered that I feel so much better after even half an hour of focused playtime with my kids, than I do with one hour of semi-undivided playtime while I am also paying attention to a few emails. 

If you are a mom that works outside of the home, you may feel obligated to be at the beck and call of the office.  Try not to allow yourself to be at the mercy of your career at the expense of anything that you hold dear to your own heart.  Be sure that you arrange times when you are completely free from having to answer emails, text messages and phone calls.

When you find that you do have some free time, try to plan to spend that with your kids.  Whether it’s playing at the park, or baking cookies, or reading a book together.  My children have shown me how much they appreciate every moment we can all get together, even if it’s simply for  looking through a picture book. 

If you are a stay at home mom, you still may have times when your cell phone rings and you are tempted to take time away from your child’s mommy and me time.  Or, you might feel a need to check your email often – been there.  Especially if you work in any way, shape or form online.

A possible solution might be to designate certain times in which you are available to chat with friends, or to plan the next PTO meeting with fellow members, and other times when you are not available.  Each day, turn the cell phone off, or at least silence it, and walk away form the computer for a couple hours.  Make this time a time for you and your little ones to talk, play, read, exercise, plant flowers or do anything else together. 

Write out a schedule, if that helps.  I have taken to purchasing a white board which I place on the fridge.  Our day is written out, so that my children also know at what time we will be reading together, at what time we will be eating together, and when we will have group playtime together. 

The whole idea is togetherness without undue interruptions, and it has worked like a charm.  Certainly, I am much more calm for it, and I am better able to tackle my work and projects once I come back to them.

unplug, get outside

Get Outside & Play!

 It’s also important to disconnect for your own sake once in a while.  As a busy woman, taking time for yourself is paramount- maybe even just for going for a morning walk or jog, or a quiet few minutes when the kids are napping.  Turn of the phone’s ringer, and let the email sit. 

Put your smartphone down and take some time for yourself, quietly and peacefully.  You must have time to rejuvenate yourself, self-rejuvenation is very difficult to accomplish if you are constantly answering calls, emails and text messages. Surely, everyone and everything can be put on hold for a few minutes or an hour?

 In this era of advanced technology, it is extremely easy to get caught up in the never-ending flow of virtual communication.  To be connected in every way can be an advantage in some ways, but it can take a serious bite out of the time you need to spend concentrating solely on your children, or solely on yourself. 

Make a conscious effort not to ‘cheat’ your family out of some significant quality time with you.  The moments you allow yourself to have with your children now, especially while they are young, will always be remembered and appreciated. 

The moments you take for yourself are no less valuable, giving you a chance to catch your breath before you return to the parenting and work tables – refreshed, revitalized, and ready to go!



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    • Dannie says

      I agree, Jennifer. There are days when I know I’ve been at the computer for so long, that I feel incredibly drained the next day.

  1. says

    Six months ago I was having such an issue ‘disconnecting’….I work full time, blog, and have to keep my family together, too. I noticed my son was starting to act out a little bit (he is only 3), and doing things that were clear that he was trying to get my attention. I decided that from the point I get home from work, to the point where I put my son done to bed, I wouldn’t take out my phone, computer, or turn the tv on…I would divide my attention to him and my husband completely. Within a few days I noticed his behavior improve and he was more cooperative.

    Anyway, long story short, I think the message you are sending here is great. You have to really think about what you want and how to get there. Love it!
    Allyson Zea recently posted…Waking up with Jimmy Dean Delights and a Quick Balanced BreakfastMy Profile

    • Dannie says

      Thank you Allyson! My son gets the same way, so we have cut back on everything. We didn’t ever really use much tv or screen time, but now tv is only a ‘treat’ 😉 Since I really started getting into blogging, it was like a snowball, and I had to reign it all back in.

  2. Lexie Lane says

    Oh! This is so true. I think sometimes we get so busy we forget the important things. Quality time with your family truly is the most important thing. More so than anything.

  3. Lisa Jones says

    I’ve been procrastinating this for a while now I feel so guilty I have been trying to do just that spend at least a half hour playing barbies or watching my son play his video games or playing cards they ALL love playing with mommy is written all over their faces…. :)

  4. says

    Very good advice! We get so caught up in being available all the time to all people..that we lose sight of us! People joke about me – saying heck don’t call Debbie she does not answer her phone.

  5. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    It is hard to disconnect from all our devices, but it can be very liberating. I agree that we all need to do that more than we do.

    • Dannie says

      Haha! I hear that one, too… when my hubby needs to sit with the kids, and I return home, I always find him either on his tablet or phone. I have had fantasies of accidentally dropping the device(s) in the toilet! Just kidding. Mostly 😉

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