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This is a truly wondrous and amazing series of images taken by photographer Kirsty Mitchell.  She developed this phenomenal series of art work and images in memory of her mother, an English teacher who passed of brain cancer.  I find it absolutely amazing that this project was three years in the making, and some of these stunning works of art took the better part of five months to create.  That is a lot of work.  And due to the nature of this business, I can only imagine that not only a lot of work, but a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears went into these creations.

Upon reading the article and viewing the images in the post at Mail Online (which you can see in full view here), and then skimming through some of the reader comments, I was appalled at some of the comments.  I can understand that there is a whole lot of animosity out there, in general, and toward many things.  There seems to be a huge market in voicing adverse opinion, for the sake of being contrary, and even sometimes simply for the sake of taking some sort of stand.  Especially if there has already been a few people that took an adverse stand first.

A woman and her artwork, in my mind, are a marriage of the ethereal and the tangible.  How anyone chooses to express their pain is simply their business.  There is no need for it to be judged.  Art is the ultimate act of transformation – taking one thing, and creating something else entirely.  Sometimes, this includes taking pain and transforming it into beauty.  And beauty, as the old adage goes, is in the eye of the beholder.

In this case, sure, there are people who do not see how these photos relate to the memory of the artist’s mother.  But this is not for anyone else to see, and certainly not for anyone else to comprehend.  These images were born of the ideas of the daughter of a woman who has passed away, and whom the daughter wishes to remember, in her own way and in her own right.

Let us admire art.  Period.  Life is much too short to spend shredding beauty to bits.

when nightingales wept

To view more of these images by Kirsty Mitchell, please go here.

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  1. says

    My mother is my world and I couldn’t imagine losing her. I see how she used her pain artistically to bring her peace. I loved the photography and the detail of it all. Knowing the backstory it was hard to make me smile at the pictures, I felt very sad. The pictures were beautiful but reminded me perhaps of what the mother and daughter shared thru imagination? I don’t know, they say a picture is worth a 1000 words. It was beautiful and you can tell a lot of work went into it.

    • Dannie says

      I agree – in the article it states that she felt her mother was experiencing a fantasy world, and this was the impetus for these creations. There is so much depth here – pain transformed into beauty…

    • Dannie says

      Absolutely. Art is ultimately meant to evoke emotion from those experiencing it. I find it beautiful that a huge piece of the human condition is to be able to express through art what can’t be expressed through words, and all artists should feel safe to do so~*

  2. says

    I agree sometimes people just want to argue for the sake of arguing. It’s annoying. This is her art no one has a right to pick it apart. Personally the images I feel not only depict her mother but the pain and helplessness she felt while losing her. There are many layers to this photographs. I appreciate this form of art.
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