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My children absolutely love learning about holiday celebrations in different parts of the world!  I highly recommend going through these articles below with your kids, we did, and we had a whole lot of fun doing it too.  A lot of questions popped up for both the kids and myself, and it led us to do a whole lot of internet research and learn even more about the different celebrations in the world around us.

Little Passports is celebrating the 12 days of Christmas around the globe by sharing holiday traditions from a new country every day! See the round up below and be sure to check out the Little Passports Blog for the final celebration tomorrow.

12 Days of Christmas:

Day 1, Ireland: Hang Holly and Swim in the Sea

Day 2, Russia: Christmas in January

Day 3, Brazil: Papai Noel and Neon Trees

Day 4, Australia: Six White Boomers

Day 5, Japan: A Time to Spread Love and Happiness

Day 6, Canada: Canada: Barely Candy and Chicken Bones

Day 7, Spain: Parades and Epiphany

Day 8, Denmark: Nisse the Temperamental Elf

Day 9, Greece: Keeping the Kallikantzaroi Away

Day 10, India: Decorating the Mango Tree

Day 11, Mexico: Breaking the Piñata and Cutting the Rosca

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