enlightened business summit

The Enlightened Business Summit

  Do you want to build a thriving business that leaves a legacy of good for decades to come? Creating a conscious business can be hugely rewarding on so many levels. However, running a business that is aligned with your values and vision can also be extremely challenging. The good news is that these challenges […]

halloween's ancient origins

Halloween’s Ancient Origins

Today, when we think of Halloween, we think of kids wearing costumes ringing doorbells and getting candy. We think of haunted houses and parties featuring spooky decorations and fun treats. But do you know how Halloween got started? Halloween goes back some 2,000 years, and its origins have nothing to do with candy. It is […]

natural makeup for halloween

Five Halloween Looks Using Natural Makeup

By Natalie Slater Eye of newt, and toe of frog. Wool of bat, and tongue of dog. Does that sound like the ingredients list on your Halloween makeup? Ditch the scary chemicals and try these easy fright night looks created with natural cosmetics! Use code COSTUME to save 25% on natural makeup through 10/19! Want to create your own creepy Halloween look? […]

how to create a vacation scrapbook

How To Create A Vacation Scrapbook

Of course for most of us, when we go on vacation, we take plenty of pictures to remind us of the time spent with family and the locations you visited. A fun way to compile your photos into a beautiful keepsake is to create a vacation scrapbook to keep your photographs organized. A scrapbook will […]

card making crafts

How to Get Started with Card Making

  Sending a greeting card is a great way to show someone how much you care.  There are scores of designs in stores for every occasion.  Still, it can be difficult to find just the right one.  Sometimes we have an idea in our heads and just can’t find anything that comes close to it. […]

apple galette recipe

Rustic French Apple Galette Recipe

A Rustic, French Apple Galette Recipe It’s apple-picking season, so after you’ve picked to your heart’s content, this tart is an oh-so delicious way to use some of your bounty. Photo by Manuel Rodriguez This delicious recipe comes compliments of the fine folks at One Kings Lane.  It caught my attention immediately, as I adore […]

Natural Healing

benefits of going barefoot

8 Benefits of the Barefoot Experience

It is well into summer now, and many people enjoy the sandal season – I love sandals too, but I have to say, I am a huge proponent of barefoot season!  It used to be customary for children especially to go barefoot in the spring and summer, I know I sure did, and I still […]

benefits of color therapy

5 Fabulous Benefits of Color Therapy

  What’s your favorite color? Most of us get asked that question at various points throughout our lives.  It is worth considering why we ask this – could it be that what color we associate with the most has some sort of effect on us, or says something about our personality? Color therapy taps into […]

houseplants that clean indoor air

10 Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air

In the late 1980s, NASA researched indoor plants to see if they would cleanse the air in tightly-sealed space stations.  The good news is, you can benefit from their discoveries in your home. It is true that houseplants improve indoor air quality. They absorb some of the toxic chemicals that out-gas from building materials. Some […]

Your Online Yoga Studio


apple galette recipe

Rustic French Apple Galette Recipe

A Rustic, French Apple Galette Recipe It’s apple-picking season, so after you’ve picked to your heart’s content, this tart is an oh-so delicious way to use some of your bounty. Photo by Manuel Rodriguez This delicious recipe comes compliments of the fine folks at One Kings Lane.  It caught my attention immediately, as I adore […]

healthy apple desserts

Healthy Apple Dessert Ideas

So many apple desserts involve large amounts of sugar, butter, shortening, or white flour – or all four of these! It’s really too bad, since naturally-sweet apples make excellent, healthy desserts without all of the added ingredients.  Here are some recipes for healthy apple desserts that everyone in the family can enjoy.   1. Jellied […]

sweet seeds recipe ideas

Sweet Seed Recipe Ideas

Seeds have all kind of good fats, fiber, vitamins, and health benefits.  So why not include more of these little nutritional gems in your diet?  A great place to start is with tasty snacks and sweet desserts.  Here are some ideas and recipes for using seeds.   Popcorn and Seeds Here is a great snack […]

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Simplicity Parenting

creating a family rhythm

These days I have really been striving to work towards a solid routine with my little ones.  It is difficult sometimes to get them to understand that we simply cannot make it out to the park every day right now, for most of the day.  Especially since the weather here turned so abruptly and we […]

four ways to simplify

The start of a new school year is always very hectic for me, to the point where sometimes it feels nearly maniacal.  Not only are there the preparations involved for the children regarding clothing and school supplies, but there is always plenty of paperwork to be done, filing, photocopying or scanning, and emailing. These same […]


  Some of us may be feeling twinges of regret as we take up all the tasks and the new rhythms of the school and college year: regret for the relaxation of summer’s Golden Moments, the time for R and R, love, laughter and connection. Others may be heaving a sigh of relief to get back into […]

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Home & Style

summer hair repair madison reed

7 Tips for Repairing Summer Damaged Hair

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.) Sunny days lounging by the pool, exploring the great outdoors, and traveling far and wide – all the summer excitement has been harsh on your hair. Here are a few tips to get it back in shape. 1. Turn Down the Heat Your locks have been suffering the heat […]

madison reed fall hairstyle ideas

Top Hairstyles This Fall (and 50% off Madison Reed Hair Color)

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.)   Autumn is fast approaching and it’s all about ease and nonchalant simplicity. According to Madison Reed, top looks this fall include; twisted and fly away top knots; sexy, sixties style bouffants; creative braids; easy, loose mat waves; sleek center pats; and bobby pins galore!   Bobby Pins: Bobby […]

how to find fashionable eyeglasses

3 Tips on Finding Fashionable Eyeglasses That Suit You

Have you just been told that you need to wear glasses and are in a little bit of a funk because of it? You are not alone in needing glasses. Just about everywhere you turn, someone is either sporting glasses or wearing contact lenses. Once you have gotten over the fact that your vision may […]

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Fitness & Health

strengthen your immunity naturally

  The human body is an incredible system that is so fundamental and complex in its workings. Without our body’s built-in system of protection against germs, viruses, bacteria and other foreign bodies, our organs and essential bodily functions could very well be just time bombs waiting to explode. But thanks to our immune system, our […]

brain food healthy lunch additions

In the mad rush to prepare for back to school, and then keep up with school work, routines and meals, it can be a struggle at times to fill in the nutritional gaps.   And a hungry belly never does anyone any good, especially when it comes to fueling their brains and bodies – and […]

day spa retreat

Life is busy. You are busy. Perhaps you have children, maybe a full time job, a home, meals to prepare, a significant other to worry about, the children’s schedules, or perhaps you’re single and devote most of your waking hours to work, work, work. Maybe you’re a career person who is also a single parent. […]

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