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Say Hello to Healthy with Free Trials from ALOHA

Say Hello to Healthy with Free Trials from ALOHA **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links   ALOHA is dedicated to conveniently delivering great tasting, high quality nutrition that lifts your spirit. They have a fantastic line of products that are made […]

learning disability

5 Steps to Take If You Feel Your Child Has a Learning Disability

Learning disabilities affect many children. The positive thing is that teachers are being trained to detect learning disabilities and more children are getting help in a timely manner. Studies show that the sooner a learning disability can be detected, the more chance your child has of a successful school experience. Having access to special programs […]

save energy

3 Ways Awnings May Help Save Energy

Awnings have been around for quite a long while now, and thankfully for us, they are enjoying a resurgence. In the 1930s, when summer temperatures were at record highs across the US, they were a common sight on the fronts of businesses and homes. There is really nothing complicated about the awning; its principle and […]

baby burp sets

Splurge or Save – Baby Burp Sets from $10-$40

  Splurge or Save – Baby Burp Sets from $10-$40 Guest Post by Moms know, you can never have enough bibs and burp cloths. Its amazing how one tiny little baby can go through so many of them a day. From the cheap to the expensive and even customizable – here are some adorable […]

green kid crafts

Get Crafting with Green Kid Crafts (plus Kiwi Crate Giveaway!)

  March is National Crafting Month! To celebrate, Kiwi Crate is offering 30% off your 1st month plus FREE shipping on any subscription purchase from now until March 15. Use promo code MARCH30 at checkout to receive your exclusive discount!   Also for National Crafting Month, Kiwi Crate has teamed up with Martha Stewart and […]

transforming the psyche

Transforming the Psyche (Free Recording)

If you are someone paid to deliver transformation for clients, you have probably experienced frustration when you observe your well-intentioned efforts blocked by “something” in the client that is not on board with the change that they have hired you to facilitate. It’s frustrating for you… and for the client. But what if you had […]

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Natural Healing

shamanic journeying for community healing

Shamanic Journeying for Community Healing

Even if you avoid television and other outlets for news, I bet if you are like me, you still feel the pain of the world. And because you are so sensitive to the suffering of others, it’s easy to feel depressed, sad, even hopeless and dis-empowered, in the face of it all. But what if […]


Benefits and Uses of Ayurvedic Medicine (with Dosha Quiz)

Known as an ancient healing system originating in India, Ayurveda is a holistic medical system that focuses on a spiritual way of life. Highly individualized, the Ayurveda treatment can incorporate a wide variety of methods such as changes in diet, exercise, herbal therapy, massage and meditation.   History: Written between the second and fourth centuries […]

winter of wellness

Winter of Wellness Telesummit

Are you ready to break through old patterns of struggle, stress and sickness? Then now is the time to create a life of optimum well-being, and elevate the health of your entire being – body, mind, heart and soul. That’s why I want to invite you to The Shift Network’s no-cost, online summit – The Winter of […]

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Super Bowl of Chili – Three Ways! Beef, Turkey and Veggie

Nobody wants to be stuck in the kitchen during the Big Game. Make the following recipes ahead and keep them warm until kickoff. The use of an all-natural slow cooker sauce made entirely of vegetables and seasonings speeds up prep time considerably. Using lean ground beef, turkey or all vegetables ensures a low-fat delicious meal! Super Bowl […]

snowman snack mix

DIY Snowman Snack Mix (plus Gift Ideas Under $25!)

Mix up a bag of fun for the holidays – no cooking required! With just a few vegan candies and snacks, plastic baggies and a festive tag that you can download and print, you can make these cute snack bags that are perfect stocking stuffers, secret Santa bonuses or class treats! Supplies plastic baggies label/gift […]

apple galette recipe

Rustic French Apple Galette Recipe

A Rustic, French Apple Galette Recipe It’s apple-picking season, so after you’ve picked to your heart’s content, this tart is an oh-so delicious way to use some of your bounty. Photo by Manuel Rodriguez This delicious recipe comes compliments of the fine folks at One Kings Lane.  It caught my attention immediately, as I adore […]

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Simplicity Parenting

finding peace

Desiring a life of simplicity is the first step in creating one. Although we may recognize the benefits and be determined to make it happen, it is still possible to feel stress when thinking about all that it entails. Maybe you are worried that this is one more thing in your life you are obligated […]


When your mind is careening from one thought to the next, it can be incredibly difficult to focus, meditate or even simply keep your mind on the road while driving! Especially as working parents, those of trying to keep our work and businesses flowing while raising children, we can feel pulled in a multitude of […]

old fashioned holiday craft ideas

Many people believe the holidays have become too commercial. They don’t like the glitz and electronics that have overtaken the holidays; they may even dream of old-fashioned celebrations. While you can’t change everything about the holiday season, you can make these old-fashioned holiday crafts to bring back some of the feel of yesteryear. Old books, […]

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Home & Style

summer hair repair madison reed

7 Tips for Repairing Summer Damaged Hair

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.) Sunny days lounging by the pool, exploring the great outdoors, and traveling far and wide – all the summer excitement has been harsh on your hair. Here are a few tips to get it back in shape. 1. Turn Down the Heat Your locks have been suffering the heat […]

hair tips to look younger

5 Hair Tricks to Make You Look Years Younger

  Roll back the calendar with these five hair tricks from Madison Reed that will help you look years younger. Turn back the clock with a bang! It’s amazing how bangs can softly cover and ease those worry creases in your forehead and somehow harken to a childlike look. They can be layered, side swept, […]

madison reed fall hairstyle ideas

Top Hairstyles This Fall (and 50% off Madison Reed Hair Color)

Autumn is fast approaching and it’s all about ease and nonchalant simplicity. According to Madison Reed, top looks this fall include; twisted and fly away top knots; sexy, sixties style bouffants; creative braids; easy, loose mat waves; sleek center pats; and bobby pins galore!   Bobby Pins: Bobby Pins are coming out of hiding! Use […]

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Fitness & Health


Known as an ancient healing system originating in India, Ayurveda is a holistic medical system that focuses on a spiritual way of life. Highly individualized, the Ayurveda treatment can incorporate a wide variety of methods such as changes in diet, exercise, herbal therapy, massage and meditation.   History: Written between the second and fourth centuries […]


There are foods that can actually help you boost your metabolism – in other words, they can speed up the rate at which you burn calories. Here are some of the best foods and beverages for speeding up your metabolism. 1. Almonds Aren’t nuts high in fat? Yes, but the essential fatty acids in almonds […]


**Originally posted on my fitness & pregnancy blog, A Mountain Mama’s Epicure. General fitness and heart health are closely linked. Just like your other muscles, the heart is a very important muscle that also needs regular exercise to stay healthy. You may think that its regular function is exercise enough, but, when you don’t exercise […]

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